The HeART of the Matter: Writing and Art as a Spiritual Journey Workshop



Join us February 7, 2015 at the beautiful Heartwell Institute on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA for a day of exploration, creativity and delight.

The act of making art can be a spiritual practice, drawing deeply on what matters most in our lives.

In this hands-on workshop, we will be using free-writing, visual journaling, and book-making to delve into the interior spaces of the stories we carry. We will experiment with ways to express our creativity by using a wide range of art materials.

Artists and writers of all levels, including those who don’t identify as artists or writers, are welcome to come play and enjoy the pleasure of making.

Bring a brown bag lunch and your creativity. Enrollment is limited to 15 participants. $125 includes the cost of materials.

Co-Facilitated by Lauren Rutten and Karen Elizabeth Sharpe

Register online here:

You really can’t do this wrong.

Imagine today you go to your mailbox, and find there an invitation, just for you, to a healing writing retreat, where all your responsibilities have been taken care of. This day is just for you. No meal making. No children to drive around. No parent or partner to care for. Just you. Nestle up and have some tea. Put your slippers on. Share a smile with a new group of friends. 

What are some of your secret hopes for writing and healing? What are your secret fears? And what in the world is writing and healing anyway? Or, perhaps you just don’t know what to write. You can write about that. Here, you have permission to just be and let the pen and words fly. You really can’t do this wrong.

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