The Body Slowly Becomes

The Body Slowly Becomes
The body, linear as a graph,
Taut as the Sunday paper rolled up,
Straight as the railing along the stair,
Sheer and uncomplicated as a pane of glass,
A blade of grass, a string,
Drawn to measure, square.

The body slowly becomes,
Ripens as a plum,
Fragrant, pliant to the touch,
With so many uses
It does not know its own reason at first,
Flows like morning tide upon the sand,
Turns like a school of fish mid-swim,
Slowly, like the lines of a compass,
The body becomes, ripples on water,
A dip at the waist, hips, breasts.

Like a zephyr, the body becomes
Lifts its burden through the sky,
An invitation to the world,
Sugar on a peach, gasoline,
Water in a drought,
Moonlight in a starless sky.

The body slowly becomes,
A steady reference,
Chair worn with imprint, reliable,
Dog at the feet, good old hound,
Bone in the mouth, becomes,
Uncovered, mysteries discovered,
Dust upon the shelf,
Dreams of itself,
Becomes one’s own.