The Canary

Last night I received a wonderful note from the editor of the Canary, an intriging environmental journal that works to enlighten readers and address the environmental crisis through the arts.

She’s accepted one of my poems, The Rabbit, for a future issue.

Stay tuned, as publication in the Canary is narrow process, that is, on average only 20 poets are represented per issue, so based on acceptances, it may be some time before it appears. 

Still, to receive a personal note with commentary instead of the usual empty, faceless, nameless response from the world of submissions, was a treat. 

Stanley Kunitz Annual Birthday Celebration

Each year, Carol Stockmal opens the Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home to the public on Stanley Kunitz’s Birthday – July 29.  Everyone is welcome to attend, commemorate, and celebrate his birthday with a tour of the house, an open mic, and a chance to sit in the garden (weather permitting).

The 2014 Celebration will be held Sunday, July 27.
Join us at 2 p.m. for the 109th anniversary of Stanley Kunitz’s birth. You can bring poems to share during the Open Mic and then enjoy birthday cake. A docent-led house tour will begin at 3:15!

The docent-led tour includes historical information about artifacts and memorabilia collected during and after Carol and her late husband Greg’s twenty-year friendship with the poet.

A Necessary Roughness

Some argue a knife behind the head
straight through the spine is the most humane
but I learned the killing of fish
begins with a hard whack from the hammer
with the clean dispatch of a blunt tool
some call the priest
direct and firm to the skull
where there can be no irony
in the blessing of submission
just a necessary roughness
and tension as the shock stuns
a bloody bloom on the stilled canvas
as the knife slips in.